Na'eem Wilkins


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Na’eem’s journey embodies the triumph of resilience and dedication. From a challenging upbringing in Norfolk, Virginia, he soared to academic excellence at Shaw University, where he not only excelled but also led as president of the Honors College, Presidents of the NAACP chapter, head drum major, and president of various university chapters. His global impact includes participation in the Prostate Cancer Research Study in Jamaica and recognition at the US-China Student Summit in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Selected as a White House Ambassador for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Na’eem’s commitment to social justice and education is unwavering. 

His professional journey, marked by roles at the Social Justice Learning Institute and the All Ways Up Foundation, reflects his tireless dedication to uplifting marginalized communities, particularly black and brown youth. As an entrepreneur, Na’eem's ventures, including Venice Mobile Pressure Washing & Sanitation LLC, Forever Keep Going Apparel, and Your Resume Studio mirror his commitment to community empowerment. His story inspires young men of color to overcome adversity and achieve greatness